Roll Method:
Saturday Morning
Beastman 1
12 11 10 11 11 10
12 d12 d8 d6 1 1
Animal Features - Claws (never unarmed). Can see in the dark (Nearby radius).
Super Strong - Gain advantage on feats of strength (not attack rolls).
Impossibly Strong - 1/hr, do impossible feats (no roll required). If attacking, make a Str test and deal 2d10 damage on a success.
Thick Hide - 1/day, hide thickens and protects, 1/2 dmg from nonmagical sources. Duration 1/rd per level.
Claws, Clubs, Maces, Spears, Axes, Bows, Light Armor, Medium Armor, All Shields
Claws, Stone Club, Stone Spear, Compound Bow, 14 Stone Ammo
Cloth Armor (1 RP)
Rations (4), Waterskin (4), Bedroll, Torches (6), Healing Salve (1HD)
your old rusted manacles
Beastman _____________

100 __________ CP
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