Warp Galwary
Roll Method:
Saturday Morning
Sorcerer 1
12 15 5 10 9 6
5 d6 d4 1 0 1
Detect - You choose to detect magic, Stupendous Science, or evil at the time of casting. Everything Nearby in the chosen category glows. Duration: 5 minutes. You may study the object for 10 min to identify.
Magically Resistant - Gain advantage on tests against magic and charm effects.
Sorcerer’s Staff - Channel mystical power and release balls of energy (1d4+1 damage). You can banish/summon your staff, no matter where you are.
Spell Slinger - You are a powerful being with the ability to cast amazing spells.
Short Sword, Long Sword, Dagger, Staff, Light Armor, All Shields
Sorcerer's Staff (a metallic rod with strange lights and buttons.)
No Armor (0 RP)
Rations (1), Waterskin (2), Bedroll, Torches (3), Healing Salve (1HD)

You have fuschia skin, red hair, orb eyes, circuitry nails, and tusks for teeth. You have very long arms.

50 __________ CP
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