Roll Method:
Saturday Morning
Robot (Combat) 1
5 11 12 7 7 5
7 d8 d8 d6 2 1
Metal Body - Counts as 1 RP armor, but can't be damaged or destroyed. Must use Robot Repair Kits or rest to restore HP.
Machine - Low Light vision (Nearby). Immune to mind effects, poison, disease, hunger, nonmagical fire. Disadvantage on Cha tests. 2X damage from electrical + stunned for 1 rd.
Salvage - Can remove parts from deactivated robots and install (up to 3) on self. Each part takes 8 hours to install.
Salvage - Remove d6 scrap to sell (2d4 cp) or convert (12) into Robot Repair Kit.
Fists, Clubs, Maces, Laser Weapons, All Shields
Fists, Laser Pistol
Combat Body (2 RP)
Ammo for Laser Pistol, Torches (1), Robot Repair Kit (1HD)
furry robot teddy bear that plays tapes
Special Feature: Transforming Sword Hand

100 __________ CP
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